59% of female players hide their gender so as not to be harassed

Online harassment is a general problem, and it affects female gamers as well. More than half of them simply hide their gender when playing online, according to a new survey.

Nearly 6 in 10 female gamers (59%) hide their gender when playing online games, reveals a study by Reach3 Insights and Lenovo of 900 female gamers in the United States, Germany and China. “ I often end up playing a male character in MMORPGs so people can’t notice I’m a girl », Explains one of them.

Condescension, unwanted messages, flirting …

The players hide their gender so as not to be harassed or flirtatious, and not to receive unwanted messages or inappropriate photos. 77% of players have already experienced discrimination based on their gender when playing, including comments on their ability to play (70%), or condescending comments (50%). 44% received requests for unwanted meetings …

While the vast majority of female players deplore the treatment inflicted on them by their male counterparts, they say they are satisfied with the way women are portrayed in games. 80% are happy with the representation of female characters in AAA titles, 91% in independent games.

Among the suggestions that the industry could make to improve things, 71% of them suggest doing better in video game ads, for example by showing more women playing AAA titles. 61% would like video game companies to create female esports teams. The study also indicates that 88% of female players play competitive games, 75% action / survival games, 66% shoot games.

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