Mobile plan: this shocking B & You offer expires (already) tomorrow evening

Once again, Bouygues Telecom is offering a discounted price operation on its B & You mobile plans. And the offer ends tomorrow night, here’s how to take advantage of it!

Bouygues Telecom is offering discounted prices on its non-binding mobile plans until Monday, May 24. The operation puts the small dishes in the big ones by offering its entire range in reduction, from 5 GB to 130 GB.

The two most interesting offers are the 5 GB plan at 4.99 euros, and the 60 GB plan, at 11.99 euros per month. To take advantage of these offers, it’s here:

See B & You offers

If you are interested in one of these 5 packages, you have to be quick, four of them will no longer be online as of Tuesday morning. These special offers have two major advantages: their low prices, and the non-binding.

B & You, a complete range, a top network

Since its launch in 2010, B & You has experienced a meteoric rise, thanks to its mobile plans with no long-term commitments. It is a perfect complement to the Sensation range, with commitment, but which allows for big reductions on the purchase of smartphones from Bouygues Telecom. At B & You, everything is simplified. Subscription to the package is only done online, as is the management of your subscription.

Today you have 5 B & You mobile plans including 4 in promotion, are 5 Go, 60 Go, 100 Go and 120 Go. The B & You 5G plan is at its standard price, namely 24.99 euros per month, for 130 Go of data.

Let’s start with the most accessible, least expensive mobile plan: 5 GB of data (including in the EU) plus unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for 4.99 euros per month. It’s perfect if you’re not a heavy data user, and still lets you use the web on the go. Normally, this plan only includes 1 GB of mobile data.

The most interesting offer of the day for us is the unlimited B & You plan with 60 GB of 4G data. It contains 60 GB of mobile data, unlimited calls / SMS and MMS for only € 11.99 monthly, as well as 10 GB of data in the European Union.

On adding another 2 € more (or 13.99 € per month), you can even have 100 GB per month. You gain in passing 2 GB in the European Union, to 12 GB therefore. The last discounted offer concerns the 120 GB package, which is offered at only 18.99 euros. It offers 15 GB of data abroad.

To discover the offers, it’s here:

See B & You offers

You can even add 5G

Specificity of B & You, you can transform these mobile plans into 5G offers. To take advantage of it, once you are a customer, go to your Bouygues application, then to the “My line” tab, then “Options”, and “5G option”. The latter is billed at 3 euros per month. If you opt for the 60 GB package, you can therefore enjoy a 5G package for less than 15 euros. This option is available on all 20 GB and more plans, so the 5 GB offer is not affected.

In addition to this possibility of switching to 5G, B & You offers several key advantages for its mobile plans. The first is the quality of the Bouygues Telecom network, recognized for its stability, speed and coverage. On top of that, these packages are all non-binding. If you are not satisfied with your mobile plan, then you are free to cancel at any time, free of charge.

If you want to change operator, you can keep your phone number by going to Bouygues Telecom. To achieve this, nothing could be simpler. You just need to call 3179, then you will receive an SMS with your RIO number. When you register with Bouygues, fill it in, and the operator will take care of transferring your line, but also canceling your previous supplier.

See B & You offers

As a bonus, know that you will also have access to 2 free months of Spotify Premium. For the more curious, Bouygues Telecom also offers a series of services at attractive prices (OnOff, Norton,, etc.). You can see them directly on the official website of the telecom operator, and enjoy them for free for a month.

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