What if the internet was a continent?

Internet is not just a series of 0 or 1, or even giant servers installed everywhere on Earth. It can also be a work of art, as demonstrated by Martin Vargic who created a real old-fashioned map of the canvas.

It was in 2014 that the artist Martin Vargic got it into his head to “map” the internet in the form of an old-fashioned map. Seven years later, he decided to update his work, the internet landscape having “ considerably changed “, He explains,” and the old map seemed more and more outdated ».

Countries like websites

After more than a thousand hours of work, the result is very impressive. The map has grown from around 200 sites to over 3,000. Each of them is represented in the form of a country, which are grouped together according to categories: press sites, social networks, search engines or even online shopping platforms.

The 2014 map. Credit: Martin Vargic

To determine the surface area of ​​countries, and therefore of websites, Martin Vargic used the figures from Alexa Rank which measures the popularity of each of them (this is not always correct, but for this project it is sufficient) . In the center of the map is ” the core and backbone of the internet as we know it »: There are access providers like Orange or Verizon, surrounded by web browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.). Far south is the continent of the dark web.

By approaching the map, we can see the painstaking work done by the artist. The borders of the countries are represented according to the main colors of the site (like blue for Facebook), and inside take place the capital of the name of the founder (s), while the cities bear the names of functions and services.

The map, apart from its aesthetic qualities, gives a better idea of ​​the weight of the sites and platforms that we use every day.

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