Detective Conan to investigate for the first time in cinema in France with the Scarlet Bullet

The smallest of the great detectives returns this week in an unprecedented film investigation, called The Scarlet Bullet.

Is it really necessary to introduce the Detective Conan series? After 27 years, 98 volumes, 1,000 episodes and 23 animated films, the adventures of Detective Shinichi Kudo – transformed into a child by the Organization of the Men in Black, have become a classic in manga culture, both in Japan and internationally. To celebrate the reopening of cinemas in France, Eurozoom will present this week Wednesday May 26, 2021 at the cinema, a new feature film called The Scarlet Bullet, putting the character in the spotlight in an unprecedented investigation.

Away from Belka City, Conan, Ai Haibara and their friends will have to investigate as Tokyo prepares to host the World Sports Games (JSM). To celebrate the event, Japan is preparing to inaugurate the very first very high speed train, the “Japanese bullet”, so d’Hyperloop capable of reaching 1000 km / h. But a few days before the launch of the JSM, strange incidents take place and famous sponsors are kidnapped. Helped by his allies, Conan investigates and quickly makes the link between this mysterious affair and similar events that occurred 15 years earlier, during the JSM in Boston.

Family meeting

Fortunately, Conan will not be alone to complete his investigation. He will indeed be able to count on his allies of always, his friend Ran, the professor Agasa, the Commissioner Megure as well as on Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta, of the club of the Small detectives. Other allies will also join him in this unprecedented adventure: Ai Haibara, a scientist who, like Shinichi, took on the appearance of a child after taking a dose of APTX 4869, the Akai family, as well as an intervention unit affiliated with the FBI.

If this new investigation signs the twenty-fourth feature film of Detective Conan, it is the first time that a film of the license will be distributed in cinemas in France. Despite often convoluted scenarios and inferences that are not always relevant, Detective Conan is a real madeleine of Proust, whose flaws we appreciate as much as the many qualities. The film will be released on May 26 in theaters. See you soon to discover our review.

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