Disney +: ignore this message at all costs that seeks to empty your bank account!

A malicious campaign is currently targeting Disney + subscribers and seeking to extort their bank details. We explain how to avoid being trapped.

Lately, if you have received an email from Disney+ and prompting you to update your information, beware. As noted geeko.leight, a malicious campaign targeting subscribers of Disney’s streaming video service is reportedly underway.

In this fake email which includes the characteristics of Disney +, including the logo of the service and even the legal notices at the bottom of the page, we inform you of an update of the GDPR, and invite you to “Update your Disney + information to prevent identity theft and bank fraud.” “

Fancy fees to get you to click

In order to ensure that subscribers feel compelled to respond to this email, the crooks behind this malicious campaign explain that, if nothing is done, access to their Disney + account will be suspended and that charges from € 9.99 to € 49.99 will be deducted from them. Obviously, the real streaming service wouldn’t be able to charge such a fee if you don’t update information as a result of an email exchange.

Finally, the message invites you to click on a link to update this famous information. There is a fake Disney + site with several fields to fill out containing their service identifiers, as well as their bank details. This data is then collected by hackers to make withdrawals from your account.

Disney + fraudulent mail
Source : geeko.lesoir

You have now been warned. If you receive an email from Disney + in the next few days, be sure to verify the sender’s address and, if it prompts you to click on a link, read the entire content before you go there. return. Some signs are not mistaken, such as spelling errors in the body of the email or the title. If in doubt, it is better to go directly to the official application of the service to check if the request is really legitimate.

And if you’ve ever fallen for it, we of course invite you to go through your bank statements and block any suspicious debit as soon as possible. This case shows in any case to what extent the inventiveness which some crooks demonstrate to extort your dearest data from you.

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