Irish ransomware has also hit the United States, says FBI

The group of hackers behind the major attack that hit the Irish health care system would also have targeted the United States, attacking several American health care networks, the FBI believes today.

A few days ago, a major attack in ransomware brought the Irish healthcare system to its knees. If the government ultimately decided not to pay the $ 20 million ransom demanded to recover its data, the country found itself in a particularly critical situation, to the point of having to cancel or massively postpone vaccination campaigns against covid-19. However, this attack with unprecedented consequences would be far from an isolated case.

As reported by the site of Bleeping Computer, the FBI estimates in a recent press release made public by the American Hospital Association last Thursday, that the ransomware responsible for the Irish attack is also believed to be behind “at least” 16 similar attacks in the United States. The latter would have targeted healthcare networks and medical emergencies, such as the police or 911, by breaking into a target network, and encrypting the data therein, thus preventing its owners from recovering them. less to pay a large ransom.

If the Federal Affairs Office claims to have identified the Conti malware, which is the source of these various attacks, it does not yet know who its victims were precisely, and whether they paid the ransoms requested. As for SolarWinds attack American authorities now believe that these cyber attacks originated in Russia. They could come from a group called Wizzard Spider, which has recorded many similar actions to its credit since the beginning of the year.

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