Kospet Rock, a rugged smartwatch for less than 35 euros

There are not many smart watches that can be used without fear while doing extreme sports, and for less than 40 euros even less.

That is why the KOSPET Rock, a smartwatch built to withstand and work in tough environments.


Kospet Rock
It is resistant to water and shocks, as well as extreme temperatures, since it holds from -40 ° to 55 °. Of course, it is also dustproof

In terms of pressure under water, it holds up to depths of 30 meters

Display and Design

Kospet Rock

Its screen is 1.69 inches, with great touch experience and vivid image.

The design is sporty hard, with well-defined edges that help increase its resistance.


Kospet Rock

They promise a battery life of 1200 hours thanks to the 350 mAh.

It can withstand up to 50 days outdoors in standby mode, and 14 days with daily use of 20 hours doing continuous exercise. This is the data based on the results of the tests in the KOSPET laboratory, as they state that the actual use time may vary according to different usage preferences.


It’s designed to make it easy to track your fitness progress throughout the day. It has the option to check our health in outdoor activities at rapidly changing altitudes, since monitoring the oxygen saturation in the blood allows us to understand our physical condition in real time and adjust the current appropriate intensity to cope with the changing environment.

It uses Android 7.1.1 system, and it is compatible with android and iPhone mobiles.

Price: 34.48 euros (you can use the DEALROCK coupon to get an additional discount of 4 dollars)

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