Le Journal du Geek reveals a new Magic card from the Modern 2 Horizons set!

As its name suggests, Modern 2’s Horizons is the youngest of the very powerful Modern Horizons booster set, launched in 2019 and which had seen the reprint of many spoilers. While waiting for its release in stores on June 18, here is an exclusive menu of the set.

Just over 300 new maps will land with Modern 2’s Horizons, in a mix of new maps and reprints, some of which, as of this writing, have been revealed. The highly prized Fetchlands (on opposite colors) are for example back, in versions Old Frame (original frame) or extended illustration!

With this, we reveal to you a new map of the set which should speak to amateurs of the first hour, since we unveil it to you in its superb case Old Frame.

The Universal Automaton is a shapeshifter-type artifact creature, of which “1” seems to be the lucky number since it is its cost but also its strength and endurance. But what is interesting about the Universal Automaton is that it has the “changeling” ability, allowing it to be all types of creatures at the same time (Elf, Knight, etc.), wherever it is. or elsewhere (in the library, at the cemetery, etc.).

This makes him a particularly useful summon in a game built around a particular type of creature, with cards that buffent all the creatures gathered under the same banner, whatever the color of the deck since the Universal Automaton can be summoned by means of any source of colored mana. This augurs well for a set under the sign of draft and you deckbuilding.

Horizons du Modern 2 should like its predecessor delight players of Modern format and / or draft, but also collectors (via Collector boosters in particular), who will find in this booster set several card designs: Old Frame, Borderless or Extended Art. For the occasion, a whole range of boosters (draft booster, set booster, collector booster, etc.) will be made available so that everyone can find what interests them.

You can find all the cards shown here, the gallery should grow week after week between now and the release since Modern 2’s Horizons is not expected until June 18, 2021.

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