Ransomware attack on Irish hospitals that backtracks when they discovered what they had done

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Criminals who attack companies with ransomware They go in search of money, of a ransom to unlock the locked computers. The problem is when a hospital computer network is blocked, since in that case we are talking about lives, not just money.

That is what has happened in Ireland. A ransomware attack affected the Irish healthcare system, but it was not an isolated incident.

El FBI warned that The ransomware group behind the Irish attack also targeted “at least” 16 emergency and medical care networks, including the police and 911 dispatch centers.

Apparently they used Conti ransomware, which steals files, encrypts systems, and puts pressure on victims to pay the ransom. In this case, they not only asked to unlock the computers, they also asked “not to disclose the data they had stolen.”

It is not yet known whether or not the ransom was paid, but the Conti ransomware is believed to be under the control of the Russian-based cybercrime gang Wizard Spider.

The funny case is that the criminals launched a free decryptor after realizing the nature of their victim, but still said they would divulge or sell data.

We imagine that they regretted when they saw that they had not only blocked the police, but also the hospitals, and they did not want to carry so many deaths on their conscience.

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