The new version of ONLYOFFICE is here, full of news and improvements

ONLYOFFICE, the suite of open source applications for online collaboration and productivity, and an alternative to popularly known solutions such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office online, has just released version 6.3 full of interesting news and improvements.

As indicated, those who use self-hosted versions on their servers can now make use of these news and improvements, while those who make use of the cloud version of the platform will still have to wait a bit for the new version to appear.

Dark mode, scaling for small monitors, and more

In line with what happens with other applications and services, ONLYOFFICE premieres dark way, designed to bring productivity in low-light scenarios, trying to reduce visual fatigue when working in these circumstances.

In addition, the interface scaling options are increased, reaching the 150% scaling to work with small monitors, with the promise of 125% and 175% scaling options coming soon.

Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations now supported password protection, the function of tracking changes in the files can now be only in view of the owner of the files or of all the people who have full access to them, new types of graphics representing data (line graphs and scatter graphs), there are options for switching between uppercase and lowercase of the indicated texts, and now in the lists it is easier to change levels.

General and specific improvements for each editor

As improvements, ONLYOFFICE brings suggestions for macros, faster spell checking, you can add files as favorites, and you can even assign names to anonymous users.

In the document editor now it is possible to open an XML file and save it in EPUB, FB2 and HTML format, in the spreadsheet editor comes the XLOOKUP function to search for a value from a data set, the grouping and ungrouping of data in pivot tables, as well as new cell formats for dates and for the new Croatian kuna currency.

For the presentation editor, the improvements have consisted in the arrival of transparency settings in the properties of the slide to the right panel, Adjustments of the text column in a form in the toolbar, buttons to change upper and lower case and text highlighting, plus animations created in other editors will no longer be lost.

More information: ONLYOFFICE

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