City Walks Live, a website to walk around the world without leaving home

It is one thing to crawl through the streets of Google Street View to visit the world digitally, and another thing is to accompany the camera of someone who has recorded a long walk through a city.

That is what the website that I am talking about today does, City Walks Live, a project that was born from the hand of two developers to offer part of the world to the Internet.

Once inside the web we can choose, with the right menu, the city we want to visit. There are all kinds, from Barcelona to Hanoi, passing through Montevideo or Sydney. Clicking on the city will load a random walk of it, and we are talking about really long walks, sometimes lasting hours.

But not only does it offer that individual pleasure, they also organize group tours so that we can visit cities with other people. In this case, a chat is opened, so that the “traveling” companions can talk as they walk.

In our social networks we have presented it with a video of a few seconds. Here you can see it on Instagram, for example (click here).

In the same menu they have the option to choose night walks, walks during the pandemic (with fewer people on the street) or walks with the sounds of the cities included, to give the moment more realism.

They also have a live area where they plan to do live tours, like the one they have organized in Greece for the next day 30.

An interesting idea that is worth knowing in

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