Rumors of Pixel 6 are raining down

Google can pack a 5-square-foot, home-developed chip into this year’s reference mobiles with AI-focused performance.


The example of Apple chips with the M and A series demonstrates how much a product can benefit from the joint development of hardware and software by the manufacturer, and whereas Google, which is responsible for launching Android in early Pixel mobiles, has already tried this in the Pixel Visual Core SiP, not in those a in rumors no surprise that he set out to design a full-fledged mobile SoC. THE Whitechapel the chip mentioned in the work title is made at 5 nm according to twitter sources, and the current, early hardware variations on the test platform perform somewhere between the Snapdragon 870 and 888.

Possible appearance of Pixel 6 Pro
Possible appearance of Pixel 6 Pro (source: Digit) [+]

This should definitely be enough in the high-end category, as Google will also optimize it well and focus on machine learning and AI performance instead of raw CPU or graphics power, which is otherwise being exploited by more and more software. By the way, the source mentions a Mali GPU next to the unknown processor cores, the G78 from the ARM series may be the chance to run. But for now, it’s all just gossip, as is the fact that it was leaked in the renderings Pixel 6 is on Pixel 6 Pro You get a Google tile. However, as such rumors grow, the chances of the thing at bookmakers are constantly increasing.

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