There will be a big HarmonyOS show in a week

The system developed by Huawei is now available in a couple of consumer electronics products, now the mobile launch gun can rumble.


Huawei will host an international HarmonyOS show next Wednesday, coupled with the unveiling of a couple of fresh products. It is due at 2 pm Hungarian time, online and an event broadcast in English also received a hilarious poster, with a horse’s foot sticking out from under the veil: a monitor, TWS earphones and a clock can be seen. Of course, the most exciting thing can be left behind: a GSM Arena for example the MatePad 2 is expecting its tablet premiere at the summer season opener, of course now with HarmonyOS.

Harmony OS will look like EMUI 11 [+]

It is likely that the P50 family is not ready to start, there are several devices on the market, say the bendable Mate X2 but upgrading to the new system, yes, and Huawei aims to have 300 million devices running HarmonyOS by the end of the year. There are still questions about whether the name will be given to the system, the interface, or the entire Huawei software package, in any case, HarmonyOS is already running on some TVs, and the platform-independent package can be found on watches, tablets, mobiles, and other gadgets. Details abound in a week.

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