Why is there no AirTag in the remote control of the new Apple TV 4K?

The new Apple TV remote fixes many faults of the older generation, except one – it can’t be located easily, like an AirTag.

Those who own an Apple TV know this. Its remote control is so thin and small that it is easily lost between the cushions of a sofa. Apple has partly solved the problem with its new Apple TV 4K, presented in April, and which is equipped with a brand new Siri remote control. This restores physical keys and thus corrects the main fault of its predecessor.

However, at the same conference, Apple presented the ideal solution to find its lost remote control: the AirTag. Thanks to its U1 chip, this small sensor can be easily found thanks to Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, very precisely, down to the centimeter! In this case, why not have equipped the new Siri remote control of the Apple TV 4K with a U1 chip, which would have completely solved the problem?

According to Apple, the remote is thick enough not to be lost

During an interview for the site MobileSyrup, Apple’s vice president of home and audio product marketing Tim Twerdahl answered that question. According to him, the new Siri remote did not need to have a U1 chip to be found. He evokes a very simple reason: it is much thicker, and therefore should not “Not fall into the cushions of your sofa”. According to Twerdahl, this product did not require a U1 chip, since it is simply not intended to be taken out of the home.

Nevertheless, the doubt persists. The new Apple TV 4K Siri Remote is indeed thicker (9.25mm thick) but it’s still thin enough to be easily lost, even at home. But we imagine that the integration of the technology behind the AirTag would have increased its production cost, in addition to gangrene the autonomy of the remote control.

There is still the solution of sticking an AirTag yourself on the back of the remote control. For that, however, it will be necessary to put the hand in the wallet, not only to get a AirTag additional, but also provide a specific shell to attach it to the back of the remote control.

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