Tineco Floor One S5 & S5 Pro show up at the FCC

A new entry from Tineco shows the Floor One S5 Pro vacuum cleaner at the American certification body FCC.

Tineco Floor One 2.0 = Tineco Floor One S5 Pro?

A few days ago I got you a new vacuum cleaner from Tineco here on the blog shownthat I noticed on the Chinese platform Weibo. There it is called Tineco Floor One 2.0 and comes with some improvements compared to the Floor One S3. The fresh water and dirty water tanks are now larger and the brush roller is now in a much narrower housing on the right-hand side, which will probably greatly improve the cleaning of edges.

Image: Tineco

The new Tineco vacuum cleaner is also available in an LED and an LCD version. The LED version has the display familiar from the Floor One S3. The LCD version shows significantly more information and animations for cleaning on the display.

Image: Tineco

In the FCC I now stumbled across an entry from Tineco, which shows a new vacuum cleaner called Floor One S5 and Floor One S5 Pro. I strongly assume that this is the name of the new vacuum cleaner for the European market. The normal S5 will be the LED version and the S5 Pro will probably be the LCD version.

I am curious to see when the official presentation by Tineco will take place and when we can expect sales to start in Germany. I will keep you up to date!

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