Capcom targeted by photo theft complaint

The company reportedly forgot to pay the license fees before using these photos in some of its iconic video games.

Last Friday, Judy A. Juraceck filed a complaint against Capcom in the Connecticut Federal District Court. Judy Juraceck is a designer who published a book titled Surfaces: Visual Research For Artists, Architects, And Designers in 1996. In this book, the author deals with the subject of textures and surfaces using numerous photographs. One of the purposes of these photos was to be usable by each person in the context of projects. However, they must be used for non-commercial purposes since this requires a specific and paid license.

Judy Juraceck therefore accuses Capcom of having illegally used many photos in these games Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry among others. In total, the designer recorded the use of 80 of the photos from her book and provided a detailed 100-page report damning Capcom. According to him, Capcom would not have paid the corresponding license fees and it would be more simply akin to theft.

Irrefutable evidence against Capcom

Resident Evil Capcom Plainte
Credit: Judy A Juraceck

From the logo of Resident Evil 4 to certain door details, several elements are indeed very similar, if not completely similar. In its defense, Capcom could plead the fact of having visited each of the places referenced by Judy Juraceck in its publication to take its own photos. However, no evidence at the moment can support this hypothesis and it would be risky for Capcom to rely on it.

According to the complaint, Capcom is expected to pay between $ 2,500 to $ 25,000 per photo used, as well as an estimated $ 12 million for copyright infringement and legal fees. For its part, Capcom said it was aware of the complaint filed but did not wish to comment. The lawyers are currently asking for a jury trial to decide between the two parties.

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