EA recruits Call of Duty director to work on … Battlefield

We do not yet know what this will change for each of the two licenses, competing for years.

While fans of the license Battlefield impatiently awaiting the next game, unofficially dubbed Battlefield 6, it seems that EA has made a major change in the management staff. Indeed, Byron Beede has just joined the team as general manager of the franchise. Battlefield, after spending nearly 20 years at Activision Blizzard as general manager of the franchise … Call of Duty. EA explained this situation by specifying that this change ” marks a long-term strategic commitment to Battelfield’s growth ».

FPS enthusiasts know that Call of Duty and Battlefield are two competitors in the field and have been fighting a merciless battle for many years. However, if the two licenses were created around the same time, sales of the games Call of Duty have skyrocketed in recent years, while those of the games Battlefield tend to stagnate or even decline. It is therefore a strategic choice on the part of EA, which wants to give a boost to its FPS.

Battlefield 6 will he reverse the trend?

Currently in development, the next opus Battlefield promises to be very different from the others. In order to best satisfy the fans, EA has taken care to put four different studios on the game, including Criterion which therefore had to suspend the development of the next Need for Speed. With Byron Beede in the pocket, one might expect a business model close to that of Call of Duty, and therefore at the arrival of a battle royale mode free-to-play independent. For the moment, nothing has been confirmed by EA, which waits next June 9 to share more details on the title.

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