Loki creator reflects on Endgame’s time travel

Before Loki launches on Disney +, its creator looks back on the storytelling challenge of time travel.

On Disney +, Marvel-stamped productions are on the menu. Just a few months after the broadcast of WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the big-eared firm is preparing the return of another iconic character from the MCU. This time, it’s Loki, Thor’s adopted brother, who will be in the spotlight. In this series, the protagonist disappeared in Infinity War will be back thanks to a little script spin. Indeed, in Endgame, Loki managed to escape the vigilance of the Avengers thanks to the Tesseract. But his escape upset the Timeline and he quickly found himself in the hands of the TVA. This organization, well known to comic book fans, has for mission to prevent variations and temporal discordances. If the various trailers were rather stingy in detail, the creator and screenwriter of the series did not miss an opportunity to lift the veil on certain elements of the story and return to the way in which they approached time travel. . Asked by Collider, Michael Waldron explains :

“I think the funny thing about VAT is that it tackles something remarkable like time travel, and does it in a very bureaucratic and soulless way.” He adds: “What was exciting for me, as a screenwriter, was to take something so magical and make it completely austere.”

Hang up cars with Endgame

If tackling time travel is already a challenge in itself, Loki’s teams had to take into account the rules and precepts already introduced in Avengers : Endgame. If the spectators had for many been a little confused on the way in which these temporal explorations worked, especially since the writers had chosen to register in opposition to what the 7th art has already done, the mission was arduous. for Loki’s teams. “It’s one thing to make a time travel movie, where you watch it, you walk away from it and sometimes you can find that some elements just don’t make sense, but that’s okay. ‘is a film. We have six episodes. People are going to have a week between each episode to deconstruct them. We need to make this as airtight as possible, so that each episode can withstand a week of scrutiny ” from the spectators.

It remains to be seen whether the result will live up to Marvel’s ambitions. To be clear, Disney gives us an appointment June 9 on its SVOD platform. Then an episode will air every week, as for WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the meantime, you can consult our file dedicated to the series, just to refresh your memory.

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