Samsung offers a preview of stretchable screens

It will take a while for the first commercial devices to use stretch screens, but Samsung he already anticipated us last weekend a possible integration of them: health monitoring devices.

In this sense, Samsung currently has a prototype heart rate monitor that users can place on the skin as a band-aid, which has an elastic screen in which information is offered directly without the need to transmit it to a device external.

The screen used is a screen YOU ARE stretchable, capable of allowing a stretch of up to 30%, and as indicated in a press release, after being stretched more than 1,000 times, it is still able to function properly.

Regarding the device as such, they also indicate that its design has allowed to capture the signal about 2.4 times than a conventional sensor. With all this, we already see that the health field will be one of the areas that can benefit from this technology, although at the moment it is in an early development phase.

Youngjun Yun, Principal Investigator of Samsung about this technology, points out that:

The strong point of this technology is that it allows you to measure your biometrics for a longer period without having to remove the solution when you sleep or exercise, as the patch feels like part of your skin.

In order to overcome technical challenges and allow the screen to continue to function even after several uses, they point out that:

All materials and elements, including the substrate, electrode, thin-film transistor, emission material layer, and sensor, must have physical stretchability as well as the ability to maintain their electrical properties.

In this sense, they replaced the plastic material of the extensible screens with elastomer, which they define as:

Advanced material with high elasticity and resilience, but has limited ability to apply to existing semiconductor processes because it is vulnerable to heat.

To achieve more heat resistance:

The team strengthened the thermal resistance of the material by adapting its molecular composition. They also chemically integrated certain chains of molecules to establish resistance to the materials used in semiconductor processes.

All those who want to know more about the development of extensible screens, including the composition of the elastometer, have more information in the official press release that they published hours ago.

Image Credit: Samsung

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