Telegram and group video calls in the Beta version

There are very few things that WhatsApp has and Telegram does not, and one of them is extremely used. We are talking about group video calls, video conferencing, one of the pillars that Telegram has been postponing, although in recent months enough things have already been done to solve the problem.

The thing is, the beta version of Telegram is already showing a lot of new features, and group video conferencing is one of them.

Available in the Telegram 7.8.0 beta version for Android, a version that also allows you to put personalized gradient backgrounds, shows that now it will not only be possible to make video calls between two people, but also groups of up to 50 people.

Telegram also wants to take advantage of its voice chats so that images can be included, screen can be shared and it is possible to see the video of several people at the same time.

In this mentioned beta version everything is not 100%. To test it, you have to create a voice chat and edit its title to include the text #vid, only then will it be possible to use the video as long as this version is used, which, for now, can only be installed with the apk file from this link.

The idea is to progress in this function so that all members of the group (up to a maximum of 50) can perform the same action, but at the moment only the video of the person who created the group chat is seen, the rest of the participants only show their profile picture.

Demo Video

how do you see in the videoAt the moment it is a rather unintuitive process. Having to change the title for an icon to change is proof of that. The reason is simple, they do not want it to be a function that millions of people start using today, they want it to be something that few can test, so that those responsible for the platform understand how it is being used and what consequences it has on the infrastructure.

As it is tested and improved, it will be put in the public version, and when that happens it will be a much simpler process, although everything seems to indicate that it will always be necessary to create a group before starting a videoconference between the members of the same (at least in the first version).

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