Twitch introduces animated emotes for its 10th anniversary

Among other planned celebrations, Twitch has decided to improve one of the most important aspects of the platform with some new features.

Twitch, the most popular livestream platform among gamers, blows out its tenth candle this year. For the occasion, the company has decided to bring some novelties concerning one of its flagship characteristics: les emotes. They are the equivalent of emojis on the platform and they take many and varied forms. We can notably mention the emote PogChamp, which was abolished earlier this year following the invasion of the Capitol in the United States. Creators with a talent for design can also offer exclusive personalized emotes to their followers.

After several years of waiting, Twitch will finally allow users of the platform to use emotes animés. Ivan Santana, who has worked at Twitch for four years, said that “ emotes are a language that crosses borders. No matter where you are in the world, they mean the same to everyone. I’ve been with Twitch for four years, and it’s something people have been asking for before I arrived.. Creators who want to create their animated emotes can simply use the dedicated tool provided by Twitch which contains six different effects. It will also be possible to download GIF images.

At the same time, Twitch will also introduce an emote library that will make it easier for creators to swap emotes between different membership levels. They will no longer need to delete them and download them again. This feature will be available to all partners and affiliates gradually. Ivan Santana specifies that with ” Twitch’s expansion, we now have millions of communities in many different cultures around the world. We can give more of the controls of our emote language to our community, and let it evolve in ways we never could have imagined and which ultimately serve them in a unique way. ».

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