Two extensions to remove the parts we don’t want from a web page

Sometimes we are viewing a page on the Internet and we have the need to print it or capture the screen to add it in a job, but there are certain components that we do not need to copy.

Menus, advertisements, certain images, related articles, logos … the pages always have a lot of content that helps the visitor to continue browsing your website while generating profit for the content creator, and these components can be removed before the copy needed.

On this occasion I am going to comment on two Chrome extensions that can help a lot with the task, two plugins specially designed to eliminate what we do not want from a page: This website, with a chrome plugin, is specially designed to avoid spending more ink than necessary when printing. We just have to click on the corresponding button and delete everything we do not want, from photos to paragraphs through complete menus. Once we have the desired result, we can export it in PDF and send it to print much cleaner than we originally found it.

Snip: This second option is a recently created plugin with a behavior very similar to the previous option, although in this case it does not focus on printing. We can choose to cut an element or cut several, always with the option of seeing the final result after the cuts made. The choices are saved, so that each time we visit the same page, we will see only the components that we decided to see the first time. With Snip we can undo or redo recent changes, as well as review all deleted items and revert any of them. If we log in with the Google account, the options will be synchronized with all your devices using that same account.

I cannot finish without remembering that content protected by copyright cannot be copied, so always monitor the licenses of what you copy to meet the requirements requested in each case.

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Lenny Li

I started to play with tech since middle school. Smart phones, laptops and gadgets are all about my life. Besides, I am also a big fan of Star War. May the force be with you!

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