WhatsApp works on an automatic phone verification system

Unless you change your phone number or purchase an additional one, you will most likely sign up for WhatsApp only once. Of course, a common step to take, sooner or later when renewing the mobile, is the process of re-linking your account with the new device.

Both for the registration process and for linking our account to a new mobile phone, you have to go through a verification process that, until now, has been limited to receiving a numeric code via SMS or a phone call. According to a recent report, the messaging service is working on adding a new parallel mechanism.

Verify WhatsApp account without dialing codes

If the idea of ​​waiting for a text message with a six-digit code for the aforementioned verification purposes does not suit you much, which by the way, usually does not take long to arrive, WhatsApp will soon offer a new alternative, according to what was reviewed by WaBetaInfo.

In addition to the aforementioned channels, the new verification mechanism that would eventually be added to the list will be through an automatic detection telephone call. By authorizing the app to access the phone and the call history, in a fully automated way, the application will be able to recognize the verification call and validate the request without requiring any additional action from its user.

Verification call

Source: WaBetaInfo

The permit application will be accompanied by a notification window, in which they account for both requirements and their usefulness for the proposed purposes. According to what is stated by WhatsApp, use of the phone registry is limited to the detection of the verification call and control over the phone tool itself, it is to manage the call in the background and cut it once it is detected .

This feature will only offer one more means, for those who consider it a more comfortable verification alternative. Its use will be optional, being possible to choose between this or the other two old verification mechanisms with numerical codes.

This verification function will only be available in the Android version of the app of this popular instant messaging service. Due to technical limitations of iOS, justified by Apple as part of its security measures, WhatsApp will not be able to add this function in its iPhone application.

As is often the case with these reports, this is a feature that is still under development. There are still no official announcements in this regard, so it remains to wait for an official statement from WhatsApp at the time of the definitive release of this function.

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