you can say goodbye to the new Wear OS on your current smartwatch

Fossil will not update its existing models with the new Wear OS from Google and Samsung. On the other hand, the brand is teasing a “premium” model equipped for this fall.

During its Google I / O, the Mountain View firm announced a major overhaul of its operating system dedicated to connected watches, Wear OS. Google has entered into a major partnership with Samsung in order to merge their OS into one, which will be deployed on a large number of connected watches… except those from Fossil.

In an interview for, Greg McKelvey and Steve Prokup of Fossil said no smartwatch Fossil existing one will not be entitled to the new Wear OS. These models will now represent the entry level of the manufacturer. If you thought about updating your Fossil smartwatch to the new version of Wear OS, then this will not be possible.

A “premium” model with Wear OS in preparation

However, the brand does not give up on the new operating system from Google / Samsung for all that. Fossil is already teasing a new model « premium ». This Gen 6 will land this fall equipped with the new Wear OS. The connected watch should integrate straight away “All the software benefits that Google talks about, launched with this unified platform. “

Unfortunately, Fossil doesn’t give more details on this new smartwatch. Steve Prokup only indicates that she should offer “Fairly significant hardware improvements”, what to consider a major overhaul, and, in particular, a more recent processor like the last Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100. Fossil also suggested that this new connected watch would have the right to much more developed health functions as well as cellular connectivity in order to to do without the smartphone. Answer this fall!

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