After the jetpack, the CopterPak could become the future of individual flying

Between the jetpack and the drone, a new type of hybrid device has just been unveiled by an Australian company, and it could revolutionize the very idea of ​​individual flight.

It is not a drone nor a backpack. A few days ago, the Australian company CopterPack presented a strange device, able to attach to its user to make it take off like a jet-pack. Exit the vintage design of action films from the 1980s, with its CopterPack, the company hopes to soon revolutionize our individual journeys.

A drone, a backpack and bam, that makes a CopterPack!

In a video posted on the company’s social networks, we can see a sort of human-sized drone, composed of a backpack intended to accommodate the user, and two blades located on either side. . By spinning at high speed, they are thus able to lift a human from the ground. Designed in carbon fiber, a material known for its lightness, the device seems for the moment still very rudimentary : Not only is the device particularly imposing once it is attached to the user’s back, but its safety device also seems rather rudimentary. Regarding its propellers open at the top and bottom in particular, the CopterPack offers no security, which suggests that a hand or an arm could get lost in the event of an incident.

In its video shown last week, CopterPack does not give no information on technologies used by its new generation drone. While it seems obvious that there are still many areas for improvement to be considered, in terms of safety but also maneuverability, the project could well revolutionize our journeys. For the moment, it is not known whether it is simply a prototype, or if the CopterPack is intended to be marketed in the near future.

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