Apple will make it easy for you to share your health data with your family and doctors

One of the advantages that iOS 15 will bring will be found in the Health app, since a series of new functions are added.

Not only will we have more options to track our health, but we will also have the option to share that data with other people.

Apple will facilitate monitoring the health of your relatives from a distance

Apple will add an interesting dynamic with iOS 15, which will facilitate monitoring the health of our relatives from a distance.

We still continue with many health measures due to COVID-19 and it is not so easy to visit our relatives. And it becomes a distressing situation if some of them have health problems or need regular check-ups. So this new function that Apple will add to its Health app with the arrival of iOS 15, it could help us in this context.

And the dynamics will be very simple. In the application we will find a new “Share” tab, which will allow us to choose a series of users to follow up on our health data. That way, we can share information with a family member, medical staff, caregiver, etc.

And for this data to make sense to the other person, Apple will present it using a series of aids. For example, they will see graphs explaining the user’s habits or controls, as well as trends and statistics to show the evolution during different periods of time.

On the other hand, Apple’s Health app will also add new functions to provide useful information to users. For example, the Apple team mentioned the “Walking Steadiness” feature that uses iPhone sensors to track a number of factors that can measure user stability. And in this way, you can measure the risk of falling and prevent the user, as well as suggest a series of exercises to stimulate stability.

And on the other hand, the Trends are added, which alert users of any change in their health and physical activity habits. All of these new features will be available when iOS 15 is released.

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