Changes are coming to the Android search engine choice system in Europe

Looking back, Google opted for an auction system so that European users could choose the default search engine from a series of options when configuring their Android devices, something that has been strongly criticized by those responsible for some from alternative search engines, as we already commented.

This was the path chosen by Google after a lengthy antitrust process carried out by the European Commission against the search giant, seeking that Google’s rivals could have the ability to compete in the segments of search engines and web browsers in systems Android.

More options to choose from, and fairer for the rest of the search engines

Now changes come from Google, in which the controversial auctions are already ruled out, and instead, reciprocating engines should cmeet a series of requirements to be eligible within the redesigned election screen, in which a greater number of options will now be offered, and that will have no cost for them, neither for appearing nor for being chosen.

According to Google, rival search engines will have to offer a general search service, which rules out thematic search engines or also called vertical ones.

In addition, they must also have local support for the language in those markets where they wish to participate, as well as have a free application on Google Play, and they must provide technical assets, having to send participation requests annually each June.

On the users’ side, as we indicated, they will have more choice options on the page that will appear in the initial device configuration process. In this sense, Google will choose the five most popular engines for each country, according to the data collected by StatCounter, so clearly the Google search engine will be among the options, which will be displayed randomly.

To those five engines they will add another seven additional search engines below, ordered equally at random (If there are more than seven in a country, seven random options will be displayed each time the page is launched.)

Wake up to Google:

The effect of a user selecting a search provider from the choice screen will be to set the search provider in a search box on the home screen for the selected provider, set the default search provider in Chrome (if installed) on the selected provider, and install the search application for the selected provider (if not already installed).

The redesigned election screen will start appearing in Europe and the UK on or before September 1, 2021.. We can assume that those responsible for engines such as Ecosia or DuckduckGo will put an end to their public demonstrations due to the previous procedure carried out, and that it clearly also benefited Google financially.

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