How to detect DeepFakes, explained by Chema Alonso

During the next few days we will see great presentations at Open Expo Europe, and they are being broadcast live on this Youtube channel.

The first presentation was made by Chema Alonso, and the topic could not be more interesting: DeepFakes.

In this presentation, you can find in this Youtube link, they dedicate a part to the detection of «replicants».

Detect DeepFakes in Existing Videos

There they talk about FaceForensics y FaceForensics++, a resource that we can use to identify traces of the tools used for identity theft, either with algorithms DeepFakes, Face2Face, FaceSwap o NeuralTextur. It is useful to identify them in videos already recorded, not so much for videos in real time where the faces are replaced with other techniques.

Among the tools available we have:

– Ability to search for facial features manipulated by DeepFakes creation algorithms. If we know how deepfakes are created, we also know what the weak points are, and that is what these tools are looking for, from contours to unnatural contrasts that can escape the human eye.
– Detects poses of faces that are not correct, deforming the head, moving the eyes in an unnatural way, etc. That is easy to verify with the artificial movement tools of photographs, like the ones we saw weeks ago. and MyHeritage.

Detect DeepFakes in real time

For real time there are other resources different from those offered by FaceForensics, other tools that are capable of carrying out studies of the video being transmitted. Among them, Chema comments:

– Blink rhythm data analysis. The duration, frequency and other variables can help to know if we are in front of a real person or not.
– Detect the pulse of the carotid artery. It is something that can be identified by analyzing a video in real time, identifying even if there is an accelerated or constant pulse. If the pulse is non-existent, or if it does not have a natural rhythm, we can suspect that we are facing something false.

heartbeat detection

Not only are there DeepFakes, we can also be fooled with MetaHumans, 100% 3D creations with tremendous realism, but which can be suspended using the blink test or the forehead and neck heart rate test.

You can ask Chema more questions about this matter at

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