How to increase the contrast of web pages so that they are better read

Many web pages use pastel colors on soft backgrounds that can be very pleasant for many people, although the lack of strong contrasts can make the experience terrible for those who have a vision problem.

Contrasts help to identify the texts on the backgrounds, and although forcing them can spoil part of the visual effect that was wanted to be defined when creating the page, it can help to make it more readable, which, after all, is the objective of disseminating content .

Browsers do not have this native resource, there is no way to press the right button and adjust the contrast of the page we are visiting. Some monitors can, but the result is often quite questionable, as each web page can respond to these settings in a different way.

What I present to you today is a solution that can be applied in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi, a plugin that we can install for free so that the control that you can see in the upper screenshot appears, a panel to better manage and control the contrasts of what we are seeing.

They present it like this:

Low contrast text is the most common accessibility problem, affecting 86.4% of pages. This free technology-based extension developed for Polypane ( automatically fixes contrast issues on any site you visit.

The responsible algorithm finds contrast problems and automatically suggests the closest color with sufficient contrast. It’s an existing resource for Polypane site builders, and they’ve used the same code to create a free plugin that can help a lot of people.

The best thing is that you can make the adjustments automatically, although we can also customize it by even asking you to put a black background behind each text to improve readability.

You can install it from

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