How to receive Google Calendar meetings on our WhatsApp

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There are many people who look at their WhatsApp more frequently than their email or their Google Calendar, and for them it can be very comfortable to have an assistant who is in charge of obtaining the meetings scheduled in their calendar and notifying them by WhatsApp so that they do not escape nothing.

That is what the tool that I am going to talk about today does, send automatic messages to WhatsApp with what it finds in Google Calendar.

Is about Whatsapp Reminders, from Jiiko, a platform that only takes two steps to work:

1 – We inform our phone number, so you know where to send WhatsApp messages.
2 – We give access to Google Calendar, so that the tool can consult our meetings and various commitments.

As simple as that. Once done, the bot will be in charge of posting notices like the ones you see in the upper screenshot, with a complete agenda at the beginning of the day and individual messages each time a new event is about to begin.

Now they are working on a function that will allow, also from WhatsApp, to create meetings in Calendar. With this function they want communication to not be one-way, we can receive alerts and send requests to update our calendar, which means that we have a digital secretary attentive to everything that happens in our personal and professional lives.

To work it uses the WhatsApp business API, but it is only free for the first month.

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