Microsoft launches two-day festival

This is a 100% digital, 100% French festival organized by the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the arrival of a particular and exclusive event in France. It’s about Xbox Game Pass Fest, a festival focused on video games and community sharing. In a statement, Microsoft explains that the festival will take place on Twitter from today until tomorrow. The company gives you an appointment on the official account of @XboxGamePassFR. This festival is an opportunity for the community of players to share their favorite games or their best memories on a video game.

What can we expect from Xbox Game Pass Fest?

Animations are planned, as well as a quiz allowing you to find your next favorite video game. By completing it, you can try to win hundreds of video games. A contest was also organized to allow players to win prizes, including an Xbox Game Pass set-up and controllers. Bethesda. This is therefore a way for Microsoft to strengthen and concretize the buyout of Bethesda, concluded at the start of 2021. We should also find “ digital artists who came to draw the visuals of the craziest games imagined by members of the community ».

Microsoft still wishes to recall that no game announcement is expected. Within a week of the start of theE3, Microsoft is reserving its announcements for this major event. As a reminder, the showcase Xbox & Bethesda Games will take place on June 13 at 7 p.m. We are particularly waiting for news of the games Deathloop, Go Motosport, as well as Starfield and the next game Indiana Jones. In addition to all this, Microsoft will look back on the next games to integrate the Xbox Game Pass this year, and what the Bethesda buyout will mean in the long run.

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