Microsoft pauses Windows 10 previews at the gates of the new Windows event

As we already know, Microsoft has recently scheduled an appointment for June 24, in which they will present the one that it will be your new windowsThere is evidence that makes some believe that the new Windows will be renamed Windows 11, while others believe that the new Windows will simply be renamed Windows.

A few weeks from the appointment marked on the calendar, to this day, everything is unknown, where neither leaks nor rumors are capable of shedding some light, only there are rumors that the new Windows will arrive in 2021 being something more than a system update.

Microsoft maintains secrecy until the day of the presentation

And ZDNet some come to believe that the new Windows Rather, it will be a new consumer-oriented variant of Windows, perhaps offering a simpler user experience.

At this point, all are speculations of what is to come. It should also be noted that they recently suspended the development of Windows 10X, which would become the competitor of Chrome OS, to focus on the next version of Windows, so we do not know yet if it will also have something to do with this whole thing.

Today we are faced with one more surprise, and that is Microsoft has announced that over the next few weeks there will be no new builds of Windows 10 preview, where they will only be dedicated to releasing cumulative builds for build 21390, released on May 26.

The Windows Insider team notes in the post that:

However, we must test the process of publishing multiple Cumulative Updates on top of each other on the same build. As a result of this, over the course of the next few weeks our attention will turn to the release of several cumulative updates on build 21390

Before all this tessitura, for now we just have to wait for the official presentation to find out, so it generates even more expectation of what they can present in the marked day of the calendar.

What there is no doubt is that whatever they say, this will already mark a before and after in the life of the famous Windows operating system, setting a new cycle on its way, perhaps to adapt to current times and not remain anchored in it. past, where more and more voices are clamoring for better support for ARM processors, among other features.

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