Samsung has improved a lot on the camera below the display

The interior panel of the Fold 3 probably doesn’t bother with anything anymore, but the picture quality is still questionable.


The front-facing camera hidden in the display is really an obvious solution to eliminate indentations and holes without having to incorporate moving parts into the case or solve it with other tricks so you can look wolf-eyed at the camera to see what we’re capturing. The front-facing camera is not a priority for many, but keep in mind (like the camera) that in addition to self-producing self-portraits, video telephony is still an existing genre and justifies the need and legitimacy of front-panel units.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 [+]

For now, ZTE has a device where the front camera is in the usual place, but does not interfere with the display of content in any way. However, the technology is not yet fully mature, the image quality proved to be rather poor ZTE Axon 20 5G in the case of what is otherwise suitable for communication illustrated with a moving image, only a selfie championship is unlikely to be won with it.

ZTE Axon 20 5G
ZTE Axon 20 5G

The next manufacturer to try the genre could be Samsung, in a format that is still unusually Galaxy Z Fold on the inner panel of the third generation. THE Galaxy Foldcommitted at error considering, it is unlikely that Samsung will enter such a business without being assured of quality and implementing a technology that is not yet performing well in a timely manner.

The IceUniverse to its knowledge, the hidden camera module built into the Z Fold 3 promises significantly better image quality, as the panel’s light transmittance above the sensor is more than 40%. We do not know what ZTE can do numerically, but according to the source, Samsung has achieved far higher transparency than any competing manufacturer.

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