Tinder wants you to avoid bumping into your ex or a colleague

Thanks to its “block a contact” feature, Tinder hopes to protect its users from bad encounters.

On Tinder, there are good and bad surprises. Between several profiles, can sometimes slip those of distant acquaintances or not. So to avoid you bumping into Gérard de la compta, your ex or even a member of your family, Tinder is launching a new feature. Baptized “Block Contacts”, it allows you not to display the profiles of certain people and to hide yours from these same users. To do this, you just need to know the phone number of the contact to block. Concretely, via the settings tab, you will be able to define your “ban list” by adding the name of the person as well as his telephone number. On the other hand, it would seem that the use of an email is possible, evidenced by the screenshots shared by Tinder in its press release. If, on the other hand, you do not have this information, you will obviously not be able to do anything. The connection with social networks not having been taken advantage of by the tool, it will be necessary to inquire before being able to activate it.

Bernadette Morgan, product manager in charge of safety and security at Tinder, explains “We may not be able to spare you some unfortunate coffee encounters, but with this new tool we can and we give you even more control over your experience. This new feature is an additional resource giving members the peace of mind to create new connections. ” She clarifies that even if some of them are not yet registered, entering their contact details will ensure that they do not appear in your potential partners in the future.

Tinder block contact

If the purpose of the functionality is obviously to avoid incongruous and annoying encounters, it can also protect users from potential invasive knowledge, who could use all possible and conceivable means to come into contact with them. This could be particularly useful in the event that a person creates a fake profile, but with their phone number. As a reminder, in the event that a user violates Tinder’s terms of use, unknown or not, it is possible to report it via the dedicated tab at the bottom of the profile or directly from the private conversation.

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