Transform a presentation or PDF into an animated web page

Many times we spend dozens of hours making a proper presentation, and we would like to share the result once it is finished, something that becomes difficult when we only have a PPT or a PDF.

Now we have a tool that manages to transform these presentations into an interactive web page, and although it is not a 100% automatic process, it is worth taking it into account.

It is the one offered by StoryDoc, a tool that requires uploading the document and interacting with it in order to make the necessary adjustments before publishing the final web. Those responsible comment that it is necessary for them to work with the file before its publication, so that the result is perfect. It supports PDF, PowerPoints, Keynotes, Google Slides… you just need good content to start shaping it.

Regarding privacy, they comment that only the members of their team will have access to the files we upload, since they never share data with third parties. Storydoc brings the still image and text files into a fully dynamic web presentation, and after the import process it will give you access to your tool, where we can edit, rearrange, adjust and customize each element.

The Storydoc app is secure thanks to an SSL encrypted connection. They indicate that the platform has undergone a professional penetration test to ensure that data and files are kept safe at all times.

Every web presentation created with Storydoc comes with a unique link that we can share with anyone. All we need to do is click ‘Send’, with the ability to customize each link to track the click of each recipient.

We can also embed YouTube videos in Storydoc, as well as other multimedia material hosted by third parties.

Access an analysis panel to see who read our Storydoc, how much time they spent on it, or what they found interesting.

You can try it in, where there are also examples of what it is capable of doing.

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Lenny Li

I started to play with tech since middle school. Smart phones, laptops and gadgets are all about my life. Besides, I am also a big fan of Star War. May the force be with you!

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