YouTube is testing a way to make you rage, even in full screen

YouTube is testing a feature to display comment space even when a video is playing in full screen.

Watch YouTube since his smartphone has become such an innocuous act that we don’t even think about it. Just flip your smartphone horizontally to enjoy its content in full screen, without distraction. However, if you like to dig into the comments while watching a video, this function becomes less practical right away. You must then reduce the video and scroll to find the comment section.

If you like to piss you off by looking at the comments while watching a video, this feature might be for you. As noted Android Police, YouTube is currently testing a new way of interacting with the comment space, while keeping your video playing in full screen. Several users have noted the appearance of a sort of sliding menu displayed on the right of a video viewed as such, and allowing access to comments.

For now, YouTube has not mentioned this feature, and it could only be a test. However, this function would make sense as some competitors of the platform offer a similar functionality, as in the case of Twitch’s chat, for example.

YouTube’s TikTok copycat takes over a function of… TikTok

At the same time, YouTube continues to refine Shorts, its equivalent of TikTok freshly launched across the Atlantic. As explained The Verge, it will be possible to sample certain sounds from other YouTube videos and use them in their Shorts, like what TikTok offers. These samples will be displayed under the Short which uses them and will refer Internet users to the original video.

This function was designed to allow long-term creators on the platform “To benefit by allowing the community to find something of interest in their video. “ However, some YouTubers are reluctant and already complain that this function would allow others to “Want” their content.

This tool will be integrated when Shorts launch in the UK, Canada and a number of Latin American countries before moving to the US. For now, the firm still does not specify when YouTube Shorts will deign to make its appearance in our regions.

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