A single person was to blame for the media crashing yesterday

Yesterday Tuesday was a marked day among many Internet users as they were unable to access a large part of the Internet for an hour. Services such as Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, Twitch, among others, were inaccessible during this time interval.

The reason was found in a problem in Fastly’s CDN (content delivery network) service, which acts as an intermediary in Internet traffic, and that late yesterday they explained the reason that caused the fall.

Basically, they come to say that An existing error in the platform code, which came with a software update carried out on May 12, was activated just yesterday in specific circumstances when trying to make the change of setting of a client.

Nick Rockwell, the company’s senior vice president of engineering and infrastructure, puts it this way:

At the beginning of June 8, a customer pushed a valid configuration change that included the specific circumstances that triggered the error, causing 85% of our network to return errors.

It is strange how imprecise the justification is, where It does not talk about the specific circumstances nor does it mention the client that motivated the change that triggered the whole problem in a multitude of web services, as they point out in The Verge.

Still, they acknowledge that what happened yesterday was serious enough, setting off alarms about what could be happening that was preventing access to photos, social media, news sites, and more:

This disruption was extensive and severe, and we are very sorry for the impact on our customers and all who depend on them.

With what has been learned, we can assume that they will take action so that similar situations do not happen again in the future, and it is to be hoped that other services of CDN They can also review their services so that in the future they are not under the informative target due to family circumstances, taking into account that This is not the first time that the failure of a CDN service has made many websites inaccessible, as almost two years ago something similar happened with the failure of Cloudflare’s CDN service.

What happened yesterday is a problem that has not reached more and they have been able to restore accessibility to the affected websites in less than an hour by isolating the problem. Everything shared is available on the official blog.

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