Adobe Illustrator and InDesign finally get to grips with the Mac M1

Adobe draws native versions of some of its flagship software for the Mac M1, with a performance boost as a bonus.

On the occasion of its June update, Adobe accelerates the transition of its software fleet to the new Apple Silicon architecture and Mac M1. Thus, after having already launched the native versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Rush and Audition, Adobe draws the optimized Apple Silicon versions of three of its flagship software: Illustrator, Lightroom Classic et InDesign !

This means that these software will no longer need to go through the emulator. Rosetta 2 Apple, which is used to convert an Intel-optimized application to Apple’s new architecture. The latest versions of Illustrator, Lightroom Classic, and InDesign will now run natively on Apple chips, with all the benefits that comes with it.

M1 versions 77% more efficient than on Intel

Adobe explains that these new versions are on average 77% faster on a Mac M1 than on an Intel Mac. In comparative analyzes between a MacBook Pro M1 and an Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro, with equivalent configuration (16 GB of RAM, both connected to an Apple Pro Display XDR monitor), “There was not a single benchmark where the M1 hardware was slower than the Intel version” Adobe explains.

On Illustrator, for example, the version optimized for the Mac M1 was 65% more efficient. On InDesign, the firm notes 59% more performance compared to an Intel Mac, and a 116% gain on Lightroom Classic. GPU acceleration remains the only area in which an Intel Mac can still perform better than a Mac M1, concedes Adobe.

With Illustrator, Lightroom Classic and InDesign, this brings to seven the number of Adobe software suitable for the new Mac M1. There are still some must-haves to update such as Premiere Pro, Adobe’s professional video editing software, whose native Apple Silicon version is still in beta.

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