Alexa, Siri & Co are threatened with EU regulation

The EU fears competition and data protection problems with the Internet of Things. This also applies to the voice assistants from Google, Amazon and Apple. Do the big tech companies with their voice assistants determine how users use the Internet and is there any EU regulation?

There is threat of regulation for Alexa, Siri & Co?

Smart home gadgets and voice assistants can now be found in many households. This also creates a certain control for manufacturers as to which things they allow for the user and which they deliberately omit or prevent or limit their compatibility. At least the EU Commission has raised concerns about this in a market study and intends to work on plans for regulation in the coming months. Of course, this is generally about the “Internet of Things”, so both voice assistants and manufacturers of smart home devices are affected.

The “preliminary” report confirms that markets are growing rapidly, but also lists possible concerns raised by some of the participants in the investigation. As part of this study, the commission gathered and assessed around 200 companies from Europe, the USA and Asia. It was about both larger and smaller companies.

According to the EU Commission, the final report on this study is to be published in the first half of 2022. The information gathered could be used, for example, in the deliberations on the planned law on digital markets. But this information could also be used to initiate proceedings for the enforcement of EU competition law. In the event of a breach of EU competition rules, companies face a fine of up to 10 percent of global annual sales.

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