Amazon: employees denounce several cases of harassment at work

According to a recent survey published by the Business Insider site, several employees of the Prime branch of Amazon have reported cases of harassment and inequalities within the company.

The information comes from the Business Insider media, and it is uplifting. In an internal letter from the company’s human resources, several anonymous testimonies denounce the mistreatment of female employees from Amazon Prime. Without being limited to it, the document thus mentions facts of harassment, but also unequal development opportunities between the men and women working for the American company. The author of the letter, whose identity has been verified by Business Insider, but who preferred to remain anonymous, thus evokes a corporate culture in which women were regularly neglected for promotions, humiliated, and put to the fore. ‘difference. Earlier this year, Business Insider also reported the filing of five complaints from women working in the company, all referring to situations of racial and sexual discrimination, but also of harassment. All of the complaints were reportedly directed to Kristen Puchek, the former head of equity and diversity and inclusion at the company.

When contacted by The Verge, a company spokesperson simply stated that “These allegations do not reflect the culture of Amazon or the Prime team”, recalling in particular that the representation of women within the teams of the American firm had greatly increased in recent years. Amazon also clarified that 18 women were promoted in the past year to Prime teams, and that senior management teams have moved on. “Set ambitious goals to continue the progress of our organization, such as doubling the number of women in leadership positions”.

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