Apple Watch: unpublished watch face discovered!

At this year’s WWDC event, Apple officially presented the new portrait watch face on watchOS. But there seems to be another one in the works because an unpublished “World Timer” dial was discovered at the UIKit developer’s meeting.

Unpublished watch face discovered on watchOS 8

In the WWDC 2021 event, Apple provided that new watchOS 8 and showed a lot of new functions and apps. Among them was the new portrait function, with which you can bring your loved ones in close-up on the dial of your Apple Watch. An unpublished watch face has now been discovered during a UIKit developer meeting. No details were given on the “World Timer” dial and it appears to have been inadvertently shown on a slide with several other iPhone screenshots.

The analog dial has a world map and a 24-hour display of the most important cities. This allows the user to see the current time in different time zones around the world.

In terms of design, the new dial is similar on the one hand to some high-end watches that offer multiple time zone functions and on the other to the GMT dial, which can be used to track two time zones.

The “World Timer” dial is not yet included in watchOS, so I can imagine it will be made available in a later beta version.


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