Apple’s App Store is a very lucrative platform for developers

It has reportedly brought in more than $ 230 billion to developers since its creation 13 years ago.

While the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple has been completed for a few weeks, Apple wished to recall that its platform is a place of choice for developers. At the WWDC opening conference, Apple claimed that theApp Store had reported more than $ 230 billion to developers who have bet on the platform for their games and applications. The most impressive thing about this figure is that it has drastically increased from 2020 to 2021. Last year, Apple announced a profit to the tune of 155 billion dollars for developers.

A controversial commission

If that sounds like a big deal to them, Epic Games disagrees. To date, Apple takes a 30% commission on purchases made in the App Store, and a 15% commission for small developers earning less than $ 1 million annually. It was a situation that led to a lawsuit against the firm led by Tim Cook, which lasted three weeks and in which the 30% commission was strongly criticized. So is this a way for Apple to throw a spade at Epic Games? If nothing confirms it, presenting hundreds of billions of earnings for the developers gives a very lucrative image of the platform.

However, this figure taken out of context cannot really make sense. Indeed, we do not know the number of developers who have benefited from these 230 billion dollars and what are their respective shares of the loot. From another perspective, we can also suspect that some of these developers could have earned much more if only Apple allowed third-party stores to exist on iOS.

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