Devolver Digital unveils the content of its conference

It didn’t take long for the studio to tease what will happen at E3 2021, with a significant number of games presented.

A few days ago, Return Digital announced his presence during theE3 2021 with a conference scheduled for June 12 at 10:30 p.m. (French time). This time, the studio took to Twitter to clarify some gray areas regarding the program of its conference. In a very short message, we learn that five new games will be unveiled as well as two release dates. It is not yet known whether these will relate to games already announced or the mystery games of Devolver Digital. To find out, see you on June 12 for the E3 conference.

At the same time, the studio behind the games Broforce and Genital Jousting has just unveiled a new game. As usual, the studio Free Lives will call on Devolver Digital to publish its title entitled Terra Nil. This is a management game of the type city builder with a strong ecological dimension. Unlike other games of this type, Terra Nil do not push you to build building on building while destroying nature in the process. On the contrary, it prompts you to think about deforestation and how to manage your resources in a smart way. In particular, you can recycle unused buildings rather than destroying them, or even have an impact on the weather depending on the environment you have created.

From June 16, you will be able to test Terra Nil thanks to its open playable demo. It will be available on PC and does not have an official release date yet. We let you discover the universe of this particular game in its official trailer below.

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