Facebook and Instagram want to inspire influencers to earn more

Social networks have announced the upcoming deployment of new tools, intended to offer new financial opportunities to influencers in exchange for achieving certain goals.

Work more to earn more, the concept seems to appeal to Mark Zuckerberg. During Creators Week, Facebook and Instagram CEO showcased new features to help influencers win “Extra money” through their activities on its platforms.

Thus, by achieving certain goals, Instagram and Facebook influencers can be better paid. On Instagram for example, challenges will allow you to collect badges (and stars on Facebook). Those who stream the most, as well as those who organize Lives with several accounts, for example, will receive additional financial rewards. These badges will also take the form of in-app purchase, and can be offered to your favorite influencers as a support. As a reminder, the device has already been deployed on several tens of thousands of influential accounts, and makes it possible to offer a “tip” in the form of stickers to a content creator during a live, for amounts ranging between $ 1 and $ 5.

To all these new tools will also be added some new features already presented a few weeks ago by the company, such as the integration of a native affiliation which will allow brands to set up sponsored content directly from Instagram and Facebook for example. . A marketplace will also allow creators to sell their own products.

Instagram is eyeing creators

Via this new policy, resolutely focused on the remuneration of content creators, Instagram hopes to kill two birds with one stone: to convince aspiring influencers to try their luck on its platform, by allowing better remuneration based in particular on the achievement of ‘objective, but also to retain the most popular accounts, by offering them new development tools.

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