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Running a business is not easy. It is not only about selling, disclosing and maintaining a good relationship with customers, you also have to record information, issue invoices, make reports, pay taxes … There are many details that must be taken into account in the day to day of a self-employed or an SME, that is why it is essential to have the appropriate tools so that this bureaucracy can remove as little time as possible.

Within this digitization sector In the world of the self-employed we have Nomo, a website and app that helps us in the management so that we forget about the paperwork.

Nomo was born to take care of the business by doing tasks automatically, which saves us time when managing the business. From reports that help us to know how much will we have to pay in taxes, both from the web and from the app, to the possibility of creating and organize invoices, estimates and expenses. Nomo holds a place of honor within accounting and finance management.


Main functions of Nomo

Among the most relevant functions we have:

  • You can create and send quotes.
  • Generate and organize invoices without limit of invoices in the same installment.
  • Track collections, so it’s easy to know what’s pending and to talk to customers about payments that still need to be made.
  • Digitize documents, such as invoices or tickets, and recognize the text inside thanks to OCR technology.
  • Calculate in real time the taxes we have to pay.
  • Make the reconciliation between bank movements and invoices, something that few tools have and that are an ideal solution to be able to know what has been paid at all times based on the income received.
  • Automatic creation of ledgers

In addition to the functions of the platform itself, it has a digital tax management service, thanks to which we can file taxes and make inquiries.

In terms of cost, it has two plans:

  • Standard Plan: without management service, with the accounting functions indicated above from € 7.9
  • Premium Plan: Account, in addition to what is included in the Standard plan, with the service that helps to file taxes, the digital tax office, from € 31.9

The plans are available for both SMEs and freelancers, and guarantee that all management, both in tax filing and in account management, comply with the law.

Links: Nomo website | Nomo on Android | Nomo on iOS

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