Good plan: the MacBook Air M1 falls, Fnac and Darty cut the price

The recent MacBook Air M1 is in the spotlight at Fnac and Darty, you can save almost 145 euros on your next laptop.

Apple unveiled its new line of Mac computers at the end of the year. The most significant change concerns the arrival of the M1 chip on the whole of this generation, including the new Macbook Air M1. This model benefits from more power and performance for a price which remains suitable despite a premium positioning.

Today, Fnac and Darty have decided to lower the price of this laptop, so that the MacBook Air M1 in 512 GB version (with 16 GB of RAM) goes to 1,484 euros instead of 1,629 euros, which represents an immediate saving of 145 euros. Remember to hurry, promotions on products from the apple brand are always taken by storm, especially when they are of this caliber.

To see promotions on the MacBook Air M1, it’s here:

See the Fnac offer

See the Darty offer

We remind you that the Apple brand never offers discounts on its products, whether it is the MacBook Air M1 or the rest of its range. Even during special operations, it retains its usual prices – this is also a way of maintaining its premium positioning. It’s a godsend to see that some online merchants like Fnac and Darty are going against the grain with this high-profile flash offer. Take advantage of it quickly to secure this great deal.

The MacBook Air M1, a powerful laptop

Apple has distinguished itself for years in the premium computer segment, the MacBook Air M1 is no exception. This model is entitled to this design representative of the range offered by the manufacturer since its arrival on this market. However, it remains very thin and light, which gives you the possibility of carrying it everywhere during your travels without taking up too much space in your bag.

If the design of the MacBook Air M1 has not changed compared to the previous generation, it is the technical characteristics that are changing widely. The arrival of the new M1 chip developed by Apple is a real revolution. It’s simple, it promises performance up to 3.5 times higher and a graphics processor up to 5x faster than the old model. Suffice to say that its small size is far from preventing the fact that it is ultra powerful, on the contrary.

The other point to take into account is the autonomy of this MacBook Air M1. The laptop is able to last up to 20 hours in a row with normal use, which means that it gives you time to work or play. Even if you’ve forgotten your charger or don’t have a plug handy. It is largely in the high average of the devices present in this same niche. Note that the model does not have a fan, which ensures its discretion even after a few hours of use.

More generally, it should be noted that the MacBook Air M1 has a beautiful 13.3-inch Retina screen for a general weight of 1.29 kilograms. There is also Touch ID as well as the presence of the intelligent assistant Siri and the Magic Keyboard. This high-end computer will meet all your expectations, especially with such an offer which lowers its price in this way.

A flash offer to seize quickly on Fnac or Darty

The MacBook Air M1 has never benefited from such a low price since its arrival on the market, whether on Fnac, Darty or other online merchants. This laptop in 512 GB version sees its price drop to 1,484 euros instead of 1,629 euros, which means that the case is to be seized as quickly as possible on one of the two platforms.

Note that you have the right to a withdrawal period if you take the MacBook Air M1. Fnac and Darty give you the option of returning the laptop up to 14 days after receipt of the order. If it does not suit you, know that the return is free and that you are refunded 100% on your online purchase, it is a second chance that can be reassuring during such an online purchase.

This MacBook Air M1 is a great investment. While it still represents a budget for some, it will be able to be amortized quickly over use. Note that you have every right to go to Apple stores in case of questions or problems. The advantages – including the warranty – are the same except that the price is lowered thanks to this high-flying flash offer. Be quick to take advantage of it.

To take advantage of these deals on the MacBook Air M1, it’s here:

See the Fnac offer

See the Darty offer

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