Google Fit launches a function that helps you walk at the desired pace

From Google they are recently consistent that “not all steps are the same” when walking, so it is not enough just to use the metric of the steps taken as an indicator of health improvement, since the intensity of the steps must also be taken into consideration, since as scientists have been able to verify that, the higher the intensity, the greater the health benefits.

With that in mind, the Google Fit team just presented the new function called Paced Walking (Walk to the rhythm), available now for most Android devices, in which Users will be able to set a level of rhythm in the application so that when taking their walks, since through their headphones, a background audio based on tics marks the rhythm of the walk to follow, being able to accelerate or rewind said rhythm as they wish.

It is audio The background is compatible with the habitual listening of musical themes and / or podcasts that you want during the interval in which you take the walks. Now, to motivate the acceleration of the pace, Google Fit will establish more health points as higher pace is used on the walks.

Walking will be more entertaining from now on

At Google, Rob Harle, a research scientist from Google Fit, explains it more clearly:

The idea is simple: put on some headphones during a Walk to the Beat session and we’ll play an audio beat, a soft tick in the background, for you to follow the beat.

And as we just mentioned:

You can use the app to change the speed of the pace and vary the intensity of your walks. The beat plays over other audio, so you can still play music or podcasts while walking

Without a doubt, it is a more than interesting function, and more if we take into account that walking is a characteristic that can be done daily regardless of the purchasing power or the time available, since for example, a person who has a busy life, although they may not be able to dedicate specific time to going to gyms or doing sports activities through online classes, the mere fact of constantly moving around the city to carry out their daily tasks, you will already be doing some physical activity.

It’s a matter of getting users excited about the new feature, which may also help you with one of the legendary New Year’s resolutions or the beginning of the season.

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