Grill Control makes normal gas grills smart

With the new Grill Control from the manufacturer Grillfürst you can make your normal gas grill smart afterwards.

Grill Control – grilling with app support

In the Somme, barbecuing is one of the favorite pastimes of Germans and is even celebrated in some households. OK, a gas grill is not part of the philosophy of many grill masters, but there are many users who prefer the gas bottle to the sack of charcoal.

If you don’t want to do without smart functions when grilling, the company Grillfürst now has a new development up its sleeve. With the new Grill Control, branded grills from many manufacturers can be retrospectively made smart. To do this, the device is simply placed on a rotary control and the temperature sensor is placed in the cooking space. The temperature profile can then be easily controlled using the associated app.

Image: Grillfürst

Various presets for different dishes are offered in the app. Additional temperature sensors can also be purchased to measure the core temperature of the food to be grilled. Grill Control is currently available for the most popular Weber, Broil King, Napoleon and Grillfürst models available. The price is at an RRP of just under 250 euros.

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