how to benefit from the Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos?

The Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos has just landed on Apple Music. How to enjoy this 360 ° sound on your devices?

Following its WWDC 2021 opening conference, Apple unsheathed its new offering for Apple Music. Since then, all Apple music streaming service subscribers can enjoy lossless audio quality on select compatible songs at no additional cost. But while high quality audio will require the use of suitable hardware and a wired connection, Apple Music is also introducing Spatial Audio. And that, you will be able to benefit from it well with your AirPods, unlike Lossless audio that Apple headphones are not compatible with.

What is Spatial Audio, and how do I activate it? This function was born with the AirPods Pro and allows a better immersion with a 360 ° spatialization of the sound. In an interview for Billboard, Eddy Cue compares the arrival of Spatial Audio to that of HD in the world of video. In fact, you will especially be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos, the support of which is displayed on compatible content in Apple Music. Therefore, all Dolby Atmos compatible headphones and earphones will support Spatial Audio.

How do I activate Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio on my device?

To activate Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio, go to your iPhone or iPad settings, then Music. In the insert « Audio », then select Dolby Atmos then choose the option “Automatic” or “Always on” according to your preferences.

All iPhone running iOS 14.6 can enjoy Spatial Audio, or all models from iPhone 6S. As for Android smartphone users who subscribe to Apple Music (yes, there are), they too will be served. In its press release, Apple quietly slips that “Spatial Audio on Apple Music will also soon be available on Android devices”, without specifying a date. Note that the Lossless is already compatible with Apple Music on Android.

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