How to clean the speaker of a mobile phone after exposing it to water or dust

It is increasingly common to find in certain mobiles the characteristic that they are resistant to water and / or dust, under different levels of resistance.

In the case of speakers, when exposed to these elements, their membranes could be obstructed and therefore, the sound quality could be compromised. If you act in time, before the device is damaged, it is possible to recover its original state.

Frequencies to clear a clogged speaker

The solution comes through the same speaker. When emitting sound, its membrane vibrates according to the frequencies of the waves emitted.

Within the range of sounds that these small sound boxes support, there are frequencies that reach a level that, when vibrating, can clear obstacles that could be damaging their sound, after being exposed to water or dust.

The 165Hz frequency vibrates the outer shell of the speaker in such a way that, in most cases, it can remove grains of sand or small obstacles, carried by water.

In addition to the attached video, platforms such as Clean My Speaker They offer similar solutions through the web. The access route is at the discretion of whoever needs it, what matters is the sound itself.

If a speaker has been damaged for a long time for these reasons, the damage is likely permanent. Anyway, it’s worth a try.

Practical reminders to rescue a wet mobile

In the event that a mobile is subjected to a fall into water, it is worth turning it off immediately, whether it is resistant or not. Having the last condition, logically, ensures a higher success rate.

Once turned off, it is important to dry it as completely as possible. Let the water drain out in a favorable position, dry it with a cloth and remove any removable part you have, to make the drying process more intensive.

It is important to avoid intervening those parts that are not easily accessible, such as the card slots, charging ports or headphones. Similarly, the use of hair dryers or other external sources of hot air is not recommended.

After the phone is dry, after waiting a reasonable period of time, it is recommended that you turn it on and charge it if necessary. In case the loudspeaker has been compromised, the above solutions can only be applied.

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